Pub Fare



Chicken, Pork, Pasta and Other Fine Fare
Chicken dishes are served with our rice blend and our sour cream Yukon Gold mashed potatoes accompany pork. All entrees come with Chef Guy's fresh vegetable of the day.

*Pistachio Crusted Honey Chicken    – Full order    – Half order
Fresh skinless breast of chicken coated in toasted pistachios and sautéed. Served with a bourbon honey sauce.

Potato Crusted Chicken    – Full order    – Half order
Fresh skinless breast of chicken coated in a seasoned shredded potato mixture. Served with portabella mushrooms in a fresh sage cream sauce.

Grilled Pork Chop   – One 6 oz Chop
Lean boneless pork loin cold smoked with hickory chips then grilled to perfection. Topped with a protabella mushrooms and red onion sauteed in Chipotle butter and topped with a gorgonzola cram sauce.

Sausage Tortellini
A combination of Andouilli, Italian, and Polish sausages sautéed with portabella mushrooms and red onions. Simmered in an herb butter cream sauce with cheese filled tortellini.

Vegetable Tortellini
Fresh portabella mushrooms, peppers, and onions sauteed in herb garlic butter. Served with cheese filled tortellini in a homemade alfredo sauce.

Curried Vegetable Casserole
Fresh portabella mushroom slices sauteed with re onions, peppers, garlic herb butter and brown and wild rice. All tossed with an Indian Curry cream sauce then topped with Japanese breadcrubs and
white cheddar cheese. Baked until golden brown. Garnished with a dollup of Organic Creme Fraiche



For those of you with food allergies, please contact a manager if you have any questions concerning our menu.
*Denotes consumer advisory that specified menu item served raw or undercooked could increase the risk of foodborne illness,.
Green lettering denotes the use of local ingredients(s) in the dish.
**Denotes gluten free dish with no modifications required.
Gluten Free Note: although the GF items designate gluten free, many other menu items can be prepared gluten free with minor modifications. Please inquire with your server or a floor manager.





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